Medical and technological design

Medical Innovative Technologies

"Medical Innovative Technologies" company offers a service of medical and technological design of medical facilities, including specialized and multidisciplinary ones.


Our specialists having the extensive experience carry out medical and technological design at the stages of a preliminary, detailed design, reconstruction, as well as within the framework of a major overhaul in accordance with the regulatory requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan (construction and sanitary-epidemiological) and international standards (JCI and ISO).


Sketch-planning solutions are developed on the basis of a medical and technological task, taking into account compliance with medical logistics, regulatory requirements for recruitment and areas of structural units. A prerequisite for the design is compliance with technical recommendations from manufacturers of medical, laboratory and technological equipment.


Medical and technological design is also necessary for the main project sections fulfillment, for example, when creating a clean room complex (CRC) and a medical gas supply system.

Our team

Pavlenko Yelena
Pavlenko Yelena
Head of Medical and Technological Design Department
Sekenova Maria
Sekenova Maria
Leading Engineer
Tabanov Adlet
Tabanov Adlet
Levin Sergey
Levin Sergey

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Work Stages

Preparing/adjustment of the medical and technological task;
Functional zoning of the object, taking into account the accepted number of storeys of the building;
Development of sketch-planning solutions, taking into account the requirements of medical logistics;
Placement of equipment on the plans indicating engineering utilities supply in accordance with the approved list of equipment;
Providing tasks for related sections of the project (water supply, sewerage, ventilation, energy supply, etc.);
Implementation of "Technological solutions" (TX) within the framework of medical design” section of the project;
Support under "TX" section of the project while state expertise (feasibility study and design and estimate documentation);
Responding to the motivated comments of experts and, if necessary, making adjustments to the project;
Control of the project implementation at all stages;
Coordination of work with all interested parties up to the date of the facility commissioning.

Multidisciplinary Hospitals

Medical Center Hospital of the President’s Affairs Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana;

Hospital of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for 200 beds, Astana;

Multidisciplinary hospital for 300 beds, Taldykorgan;

City multidisciplinary hospital for 300 beds, Uralsk;

Regional multidisciplinary children’s hospital for 200 beds, Aktobe, etc.


Oncological Clinics with the Radiation Diagnostics and Therapy Centers

Multidisciplinary “Center of Oncology and Surgery, 4-5 floors, Ust-Kamenogorsk;

Scientific National Cancer Center, Astana;

Oncological dispensary for 240 beds, Astana;

Oncohematological center, Ust-Kamenogorsk.


Objects of Obstetrics

City Maternity Hospital №3 for 150 beds, Astana;

Perinatal center for 100 beds, Tashkent, Uzbekistan;

Maternity hospital for 150 beds, Otegen Batyr township, Almaty city.


Infectious Diseases Hospitals

Infectious Diseases Hospital for 230 beds, Astana;

Prefabricated modular infectious diseases hospitals, 8 hospitals in Kazakhstan;

City Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital named after I.S. Zhakenova, Almaty.


Tuberculosis (Phthisiopulmonological) Centers

Regional TB dispensary, Ust-Kamenogorsk;

Regional TB dispensary, Aktobe.


Stroke Centers

Central District Hospital, Altai;

Central District Hospital, Ayaguz;

BSMP (Emergency Hospital), Semey.


Hospital Outpatient Organizations

City polyclinics (HOU) № 6 and №. 10, Astana.


Sanatorium “Almaty” of Medical Center of the President’s Affairs Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty;

Sanatorium of Medical Center of the President’s Affairs Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan, on the coast of Balkhash Lake.


Private Multidisciplinary Medical Centers

(Directions: Cosmetology, Rehabilitation, Dentistry, Ophthalmology, etc.)


Private Clinic “Sofie Medgroup” for 60 beds, Aktau;

California Center for Plastic Surgery, Astana;

“Orbis” Medical Center, Astana;

Dental clinic, Tashkent;

Medical Center, Astana.



Prefabricated modular complexes / buildings (departments for disinfection of medical waste, PCR diagnostics, CT diagnostics, endoscopy, first-aid posts, etc.)


Modular complexes for PCR diagnostics – RB, Urdzhar region,

RB, Kurchum region, State hospital № 2, Semey;

Modular complexes for disinfection of medical waste – 11 objects of healthcare facilities, Almaty;

Modular complexes of computed tomography – State polyclinics № 25, № 36, Almaty.


OSC (Outpatient Surgery Centers), transplantation and robotic surgery centers, emergency and reception departments, cardiosurgery centers, rehabilitation and remedial treatment centers (respiratory (post-COVID), orthopedic / trauma, etc.)


Cardiocenters, Aktobe, Pavlodar;

City Hospital № 1 (Transplantation Center and Center for Robotic Surgery), Ust-Kamenogorsk;

BSMP (emergency hospital) (OSC), Semey, etc.


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